Pikmin stuff

A few images and things and stuff. Click on the images for the original size if it's bigger than shown.

These are the insects found in the Wistful Wild every 30 days from day 31. These are high-quality images to show that they are not, as seems to be the general concensus, bees. Bees fly and have stripedness.

Wistful Wild bugs Wistful Wild bugs

Oh, and a capture of the model, just so we're sure.

Wistful Wild bugs model

Here's the title screen of Pikmin 2 without the '2':

'2'-less Pikmin 2 logo

And without any of the title:

missing Pikmin 2 logo

Next, interestingly close-up images of the cockpits in the ship. You can even see Olimar's little steering...thing...

close-ups of the ship

The following is an image of some structure I found inside the nose of the ship (it's golden as it was taken after paying off the debt). It appears to be sort of cone- or bowl-shaped itself.

a thing in the ship's nose

A crazy Bulbear:

a Spotty Bulbear's face coming through a gate